The Money Tree Plan


Is meeting with your accountant just once a year to review past results just not working for you?

The Money Tree PlanTM has been designed specifically for small business owners located in British Columbia, looking for something different than the standard approach to accounting – by helping you grow your business throughout the year.

Are you overwhelmed and overburdened?

Would you love to have access to a smart, flexible partner-style CPA without the BIG 4 accounting firm rates?

THE MONEY TREE PLANTM is tailored to small business owners in BC, looking for an accounting service that will empower them with the ability to make sound financial business decisions while saving them time and money. No intensive written reports, just simple, easy to understand language. 

You are not just getting an accountant but someone who will be your coach and strategic financial advisor – someone who will make you love your numbers!

Benefits of The Money Tree PlanTM:

THE MONEY TREE PLANTM will grant you access to me as your Virtual CFO with the following benefits:

  • Full financial statement package (including year end preparation discussion, compilation financial statements and personal income tax return (for sole proprietors) or corporate tax return (if incorporated).
  • Real time advice on management decisions.
  • Effective cash flow forecasting and budget projections.
  • Be a sounding board on ideas, perform research, report back and give advice on feasibility.
  • Profitability ratio analysis key ratios – using it to evaluate the company’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Advise on how to build a better business.
  • Proper Debt structure – know when, why and how much to borrow.
  • Suggest best practices to track your assets, liabilities, income and expenses.
  • Advise on payroll issues such as hiring, terminating, and paying employees.

Small Businesses that will benefit from The Money Tree PlanTM:

Start-up Businesses

BC business owners that want to get organized with their accounting so they are ready for tax season

Any small business that does not have a firm understanding of their financial health

THE MONEY TREE PLANTM has been designed specifically for small business owners looking for something different than the standard approach to accounting – by helping you grow your business throughout the year.

If you have managed your own business for less than 2 years (incorporated or not), let me show you how THE MONEY TREE PLANTM can benefit you.

Format of The Money Tree PlanTM:

Four (4) Quarterly 1 hour meetings are done via Microsoft Teams to save time on commuting and achieve optimal productivity. Telephone calls, emails and mini virtual meetings are also included throughout the year when you need real time advice.

In fact, these virtual meetings allow any BC Business access to these accounting services, regardless of where in BC they may be operating from. These sessions will give you the opportunity to discuss and resolve challenges with your business and explore opportunities for growth


Sole Proprietor: $359*/month

Incorporated: $539*/month

*Plus GST

Want to compare with other accounting service packages?

Is it time for your small business to thrive? 

Call me at 604.299.1470.

I promise to help you love your numbers!