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Helping entrepreneurs create wildly successful businesses by gaining financial clarity.

Hello! I am Assunta Iannilli, a Vancouver Accountant (CPA) and Virtual CFO that specializes in small business accounting in British Columbia.

Whether you are a small business just starting out, or an established business looking to grow, I have tailored accounting service packages available for any stage you may be at.

I will help you set the foundation for your small business, so you understand your numbers, stay compliant and make better financial business decisions for maximum profit potential.

As a BC Chartered Professional Accountant,

I can be there with you as you grow.




Yes, numbers can be intimidating. 

But they don’t have to be. I will not only be your accountant,

But I will be your COACH, ADVISOR and STRATEGIC PARTNER, guiding you through each financial year as you make important financial business decisions.

Bad financial business decisions can ruin an otherwise successful business.

Do you currently feel confident in making those decisions?

I will empower you to understand your numbers so you can feel confident in the decisions you make.

Think you can't afford a CFO?

Regardless of how small your business may be, you can!

As your Virtual Chief Financial Officer, I can provide you with real time advice to help you make management decisions and avoid costly mistakes while growing your business, but without the price tag of having an in-house CFO.

The Benefits of Having Me as Your Virtual CFO:

Save Time

No commute required to our meetings and with me on your team, you won't be needing to invest hours trying to decipher your numbers on your own.

At tax time, I will have you organized so you are not worrying about piles of paperwork to sift through.

Save Money

You don't need to pay for the salary of an in-house CFO and by not going with a larger firm you don't need to pay fees that incorporate higher overhead costs.

In addition, because I know the BC landscape when it comes to small businesses, I will find you ways to save money and maximize your profits.

Greater Flexibility

As a Virtual CFO, I understand that small business owners run on a variety of schedules. I am flexible and offer my accounting services for when it works for you.

If the only time you have is after 8pm once you've finished your workday or you've put the kids to sleep, we can arrange our meeting then.

Gain Financial Knowledge

My virtual approach is unique with an easy to understand format so that you can learn how to manage your cash flow and understand your financial statements with ease.

Sometimes a verbal explanation or a written email is not enough to understand a concept.

I incorporate a variety of techniques to help coach and advise my small business clients, providing a customized approach to individual learning levels.

From online face-to-face discussions, screen sharing information or providing How-To videos you can refer to at your convenience, I will use the tools needed to help you understand your business financials.

As a Chartered Professional Accountant, I am not only able to provide accounting advice but strategic business advice for you to make profitable financial business decisions to take your business to where you want it to be.


If you have never used Microsoft Teams, don’t worry, I can help you out with that!

Accounting Service Packages

Whether you are just setting up your new small business, you are an established small business looking to grow or you need assistance with a specific financial barrier or CRA audit, there is an accounting service package that will fit your situation.

Accounting service packages are available for all for-profit, small business owners in British Columbia. 

Dive deep into each package to learn more about the benefits and services of each:

A pile of emerald gemstones, representing one of Assunta Iannilli's accounting service packages for small BC businesses


Compliance conscious about filing your corporate tax returns on time?

A little tree growing out of a pile of coins, representing The Money Tree Plan, Assunta Iannilli's accounting service package for small BC businesses


New small business or startup? Want to start off your business on the right track?

A pile of sapphire gemstones, representing one of Assunta Iannilli's accounting service packages for small BC businesses


Want to grow your business? Cash flow impacting your decisions?

A pile of amethyst gemstones, representing one of Assunta Iannilli's accounting service packages for small BC businesses


Mature small business? Ready to grow your small business to the next level? 

Want to compare different accounting service packages?
The following comparison chart will help you visually see the different services and benefits of each.

Are you a small BC business needing help with filing your income tax return?

All accounting service packages include income tax return services; a personal income tax return if you are a sole proprietor or a corporate tax return if your business is incorporated.


Be a sounding board to small businesses so that they can make timely decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Help my clients be proactive about financial compliance and gain insights so they can optimize their cash flow.

Helping You Navigate Financial Business Decisions

As your small business Accountant, I can help you navigate many business decisions, including:

Specializing in Small Business Accounting in British Columbia

I am a Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) / Small Business CPA located in Vancouver, BC Canada and I know the ins and outs of navigating a small business in this province.

I provide virtual accounting services so whether you are located near Vancouver or elsewhere in BC, I can help you maximize your profit potential and stay compliant under BC and Canadian tax laws, all while fitting into your lifestyle as a small business owner.

Book your complimentary consultation now to find out how I can help you create a wildly successful business.