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I’ve had the pleasure of working with BC Small Businesses for over 14 years. I love my clients and getting the chance to build lasting relationships with them.
Assunta is very pleasant to work with, accommodates full heartedly client's spoken and unspoken needs, explains thoroughly, listens carefully and delivers efficiently and on time high standards of accounting solutions. Her compassionate and humble manner of dealing with clients and the person behind the client makes her more than a trusted financial advisor. One can truly forget about the accounting work as one knows her devotion to be of great assistance and service to others goes beyond professionalism and stretches to being sincerely there for you. I can highly recommend her service and aptitude of excellence.

- Silvia T.
I’ve worked with Assunta Iannilli on a mutual client and witnessed firsthand her efficiency, professionalism and friendly personal approach. She explains tax related issues using language to make it comprehensible. She is extremely organized and is incredibly knowledgeable. She’ll look after your tax and accounting necessities, so you can focus on growing your business.

- Rachel Y.
Doyle & Associates Private Wealth Management has known, trusted, and referred to Assunta Iannilli CPA, and The Money Tree Plan™ since 2014. Assunta is knowledgeable, professional, practical, and keeps her clients accountable. We highly recommend her services to professionals and small businesses feeling overwhelmed and overburdened by their accounting needs – and looking for a way to streamline their success.

- Paige B.
"Assunta is one of the most gifted accountants I know. She can work miracles dealing with CRA and organizing chaotic situations. She is a secret weapon for my legal practice. I can call her when I may be missing some nuance where accounting and my legal practice overlap. She is a pleasure to talk to and I have enjoyed working with her for more than a decade!"
- James P.
Assunta is a great example of an inspiring leader who brings a remarkable balance between her technical expertise, emotional and social intelligence. Over the last several years, I have seen her in action working with clients from various business backgrounds and communication styles. Assunta always makes it work. Whether she is hired to be your virtual CFO or your professional financial educator, you can be sure to get the desired results regarding your financial management. Assunta masterfully helps her clients gain the clarity and knowledge to adopt a fearless approach in managing their financials so they can make the best decisions for their business. One thing is clear, she brings her best to deliver a superior experience to every client she works with. Her passion and energy are contagious. I highly recommend her expertise and professional services for every business owner looking for reliable solutions timely tailored to their needs.

-Galia S.
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