Want to grow your business? Cash flow impacting your decisions? ...         

Is cash flow impacting your business decisions?

You are interested in a little more than just financial statements to put in a drawer at the end of day or file in your computer document folder.  You want to grow your business with a little help.


sapphire service for business

THE SAPPHIRE accounting service package is the package for you.

  • Full financial statement package (including compilation financial statements and corporate tax return)
  • Real time advice on management decisions
  • Effective cash flow forecasting and budget projections
  • Financial strategic planning




You have access to twelve (12) focused sessions with your Virtual CFO.  These sessions will give you the opportunity to discuss and resolve challenges with your business and explore opportunities for further improvement.

For your convenience, meetings take place via Microsoft Teams sessions to save time on commuting and achieve optimal productivity

My clients that have enrolled in THE SAPPHIRE accounting service package have benefited from full compliance with tax regulations, professional advice on important decisions and increased cash flow.



Is it time for a visual illustration of your financials for better decisions?
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