Tax Tip: Home Office Expenses

Do you know that by not keeping track of your home office expenses, you are ripping up more than $800? 

Hi! This is Assunta, your Virtual Chief Financial Officer and Small Business Chartered Professional Accountant.

Today’s Tax Tip is about Your Home Office saving you money.  Are you keeping track of your home office expenses? If not, THAT is costing you lots of money!

That’s sad and terrible!

There is a way for you not to be sad!

Keep track of expenses like: Heat, Electricity, Insurance, Maintenance, Mortgage interest, and Property Taxes to name a few.

I have many more ideas to help you keep more than $800 in your wallet in The Money Tree Plan ™

Is it time for your small business to thrive?  Call me.  I promise to help you love your numbers!


Assunta Iannilli, your Virtual CFO, showing you the rainbow in your dark business clouds!

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