Compliance conscious about filing your corporate tax returns on time? ...         

Have you been consistently compliant with filing your taxes?

THE EMERALD accounting service package has been designed to bring you peace of mind that your financial statements and corporate tax return are prepared accurately within the deadline mandated to be compliant with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).


As your Small Business CPA, I work with you to achieve financial compliance through a diligent process that includes data gathering from your bookkeeper, professional development of your financial statements, annual corporate income tax return, and a review of the results with recommendations on the next steps.

THE EMERALD accounting service package is crucial to every small business looking to stay compliant and have peace of mind.

THE EMERALD accounting service package will grant you the following benefits:


  • Full financial statement package (including compilation financial statements and corporate tax return)
  • Convenient pickup and drop off service with an explanation of your results

This professional accounting service package is ideal for small businesses that have been:

  • Incorporated for 1 year or more
  • Compliance conscious and time driven



Is it time to for you to focus on your business while I focus on complying with CRA tax requirements?
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