Mature small business? Ready to grow your small business to the next level?         

Is it time to have a proactive accountant help you grow your small business?

Join my Amethyst accounting service package to take charge of your financial management and steer your business in the right direction.  Designed for mature businesses with a minimum of 4 years. This service enables entrepreneurs to bring their small business to the next level and position the company for growth with a proactive accountant.

What are the benefits of THE AMETHYST accounting service package?  You have me as your virtual CFO with the following roles and benefits:



  • Profitability ratio analysis key ratios - using it to evaluate the company's strengths, weaknesses and opportunitiesAmethyst Service
  • Trend analysis - determining the break even point in your business and how it impacts all decisions, hiring, buy/lease,achieving profit targets.
  • Help determine best use of net profit - reinvest in assets, reduce long term debt and liabilities or pay owners and shareholders a dividend.
  • Help manage expenses to maximize profits
  • Be a sounding board on ideas, perform research, report back and give advice on feasibility
  • Advise on how to build a better business - timely, effective and valuable accounting insights on your day to day operations for your business success
  • Advise on accounts receivable management
  • Advise on payroll issues such as hiring, terminating, and paying employees.
  • Ongoing advice on the appropriate tax structure for your business so to minimize taxes and maximize profit and investment attractiveness



  • Advise on asset acquisition feasibility with buy/lease equipment options
  • Advise on inventory end of life
  • Advise on equipment obsolescence
  • Advise on appropriate investments to minimize taxes and maximize profitability




  • Advise on growing your business - grow smarter
  • Advise on sustainable growth
  • Proper Debt structure - know when, why and how much to borrow
  • Liaise with bankers on your behalf
  • Match loan to life of the asset - right banking relationships


You have access to eighteen (18) focused sessions with your Virtual CFO.  These sessions will give you the opportunity to discuss and resolve challenges with your business and explore opportunities for further improvement.

For your convenience, meetings take place via Microsoft Teams sessions to save time on commuting and achieve optimal productivity.

Is it time to take your small business to the next level?
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