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How to grow
your small business

These three plans are tailored for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small
businesses. If you’re not sure which plan is
right for you, schedule a Discovery Call.


The Money Tree Plan has been designed specifically for small
business owners located in British Columbia, looking for something different than the standard approach to accounting
– by helping you grow your business throughout the year.

Would you love to have access to a smart, flexible partner-styleCPA without the BIG 4 accounting firm rates?


• 4 Microsoft Teams Meetings

• Financial growth strategies

• Telephone calls, emails and mini Teams meetings included throughout the year as needed

• Full financial statement

package* *



Businesses that have enrolled in THE SAPPHIRE accounting
service package have benefited from full compliance with tax
regulations, professional advice on important decisions and
increased cash flow. Financial strategic planning for businesses that are ready to take the next step in their growth.


  • 12 Microsoft Teams Meetings
  • Telephone calls, emails and mini Teams meetings included throughout the year as needed
  • Real-time advice on management decisions
  • Effective cash flow forecasting and budget projections
  • Full financial statement 

 package* *


Sole Proprietor: $639*/month

I'll help you fall in love with your numbers.

Accounting has to be dealt with, but not necessarily by you. I am your virtual CFO for small businesses in British Columbia. Your real-time virtual sounding board.

Whether you are a sole proprietor or a small but growing business, I have accounting service packages available no matter what type of small business you are. My accounting
service packages will help you understand your numbers so you will be empowered to make strategic financial business decisions for your business while staying compliant with
BC Tax Laws.

To find the right service package for your small business, schedule a Complimentary Consultation.




Proactive solutions for small business owners.
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