Property Management Client

CASE STUDY - Property Management Client

From up in the air costs to real time costs

Client Profile:

Commercial property management company, over 10 employees, revenue generated over 1 million.


  • Challenges with completing accurate reconciliations related to common area of the commercial properties
  • Challenges with determining common area costs for each tenant
  • Poor cashflow projections

My Solution:

  • Re-designed common area reconciliations for over 150 tenants
  • Designed a process that reflected their integrated data, that easily identified the monthly cost per tenant
  • Removed any uncertainty regarding their costs


  • New system gave them a reliable method to calculate monthly cost per tenant
  • Ability to produce reliable reconciliation reports and compliance with their monthly financial reporting
  • Better cashflow projections and financial management

Service Category:

Amethyst – CFO Support

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