Property Development Client

CASE STUDY - Property Development Client

“From inconsistent to reliable cash flow projections”

Client Profile:

  • Major player in the property development industry, over 50 employees, revenue generated over 50 million.


  • Usage of a legacy software that resulted in confusion, poor sales projections and inadequate decisions regarding their financials.

My Solution:

  • Developed a process to export specific data from the legacy software and sorted data into meaningful information.
  • Re-vamped/re-designed sales accounting to facilitate the receipt of sales proceeds from the sale of condominium units for all developments.
  • Prepared a detailed list of purchasers with outstanding accounts receivable and cash projections.


  • Missing accounts receivable has been resolved.
  • Reliable sales tracking system that enabled them to understand and track their numbers always
  • Increased cash flow projections because of the new system installed
  • Excellent audit score on their financial verification
  • Better decisions for their financial management and positioning for growth

Service Category:

Amethyst – CFO Support

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