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Hello, I'm Assunta lannilli, CPA.

My approach is different.

I listen to your business story and we work together to find the right solution for you. This provides additional value than what people may expect from their accountant.

My Approach: I take the time not only to be your accountant but also mentor, coach, and strategic advisor to guide you to business financial success.

Complex tax matters become simple because I break them down in plain English, so you understand them, which then empowers you and gives you confidence in making better business financial decisions. Furthermore, my clients have access to me throughout the year to deal with surprises and to bring certainty to the unexpected!

Assunta Iannilli, a BC small business CPA and virtual CFO in Vancouver, Canada
I love helping small businesses grow!
Pleases check out my blog for tips about growing your business and protecting your assets.




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The Journey to my Accounting Career

I love numbers and I love people so you think it would have been an easy career decision for me to become an accountant! A successful accounting career was staring me straight in the face when I finished my high school accounting program as the top-scoring student. However, as a newly graduated student, I had different interests to pursue.

Instead, I went and earned a BA in Political Science, gained experience in the banking sector, and discovered a love of travelling – London, Paris, Salzburg, Lucerne, Venice, Rome, Sorrento, Pisa, florence and Monte Carlo – to name a few.

Having the opportunity to explore a different higher learning and gain life experiences, I eventually realized that I was missing my numbers. So, I did a 360-degree turn back to accounting and obtained my Chartered General Accountant (CGA) designation. Not the most direct path, but it helped me confirm that this was meant to be my career.




Proactive solutions for small business owners.

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